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purple/white neos

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Can't sleep for some reason and been thinking about possible future projects.

Is anyone working on these colors? I know snowballs already exist but i was wondering if anyone is working on a white neo davidi, i think a painted white neo would look pretty rad. Maybe reverse cull yellows to get a white and go from there. I wouldn't even know where to start with purple. Maybe BBRR or maybe try breeding a bloody Mary with light shell pigmentation so it looks purple?

Seems like tibees/taitibees is where its at for breeding projects in the shrimp world right now and no one is working on neos. Well except for Soothing of course.

Is two years enough time to develop a new strain? It would suck to make good progress on a new color then have to shut it all down because of a move.

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I'm working on neos! I have a slight white yellow, but only one female and I wasn't planning on breeding her. She's pretty cool looking tho. And I've also always wondered about purple neos! (hence the avatar). Selective breeding from bm/the chocolate line would be the way to go, imho. If you tried selecting for something halfway between blue dream and Bloody Mary coloration, it doesn't seem unfathomable. The genetics are in place.

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