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New to shrimps from western Michigan


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I have been keeping aquatic stuffs pretty much all my life.  Currently, I mainly have koi and goldfish in two outside ponds (one 20,000 gal and one 1,100 gal), two 300-gal stock tanks, five 110-gal stock tanks and various aquaria ranging from 10-gal to 120 gal.


Last winter, I was fascinated by these little shrimps so I set up a 8-gal tank in my office.  Bought 3 red cherry shrimp from LFS and unfortunately, they slowly died.  One of the reasons, I think, is because I was spoiled by well water at home.  When I setup that tank, I brought most of the water from home but had to use a few gallons from the faucets in the univ.  I was a little too careless.  Even a couple of the ramshorn snail died. Another reason was that I acclimated them like fish.


I slowing changed water to my home well water and got 6 ghost shrimps to test.  They have been thriving in that and one of them dropped the eggs today.  I do not think the fry will survive.  I do have some paramecium culture but it would be difficult to feed them.


Anyway, I set up and cycled a 20-gal long tank at home and bought 10 painted fire reds from the bay.  They came 6 days ago and are doing wonderfully.  All of them have molted and today I found the biggest female has eggs now!


I have a lot to learn about shrimps.  Once I know for sure these shrimps will live, I will start some yellow and velvet tanks.  I have some 29-gal sitting around.

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Welcome loubapache! We are glad to have you! You have alot of water in your backyard! Would be a nice sight to see for sure, and congratulations on your berried PFR!

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Thanks, everyone.


My 10 PFR are doing great so far.  Tomorrow will be day 7 since they arrived.  The difference between this attempt and the first failed try (3 RCS from LFS) was that this times, I used drip acclimation for 2 hours.  They are more sensitive than fish in terms of sudden water quality change, for sure.

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OK, I found another female berried now.  Here are a few pics of the tank, one of the berried female on sponge filter (may be hard to see), and one of the males on feeding dish.  The male is not as red.  I read that is normal but that is a big difference.  Thanks.




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