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Is this shrimp sick, or just ugly?

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My husband has isolated her from my tank because he thinks she may be sick. Note the white spot on her "cheeks", the dark area at her head, the white line down her spine, and the way her coloring is mottled in the lower body. Also, rather than being an orangey red like my other RCS, she appears to be closer to a deep red/maroon color.

She was berried until three days ago, hatched what seemed like 75,000 babies (lol), all of whom seem healthy as far as I can see at their current size. She's acting normal, eating as usual, everything.

I think she's just um, unfortunately featured. I hope that's it, because she's one of my favorites. Higher resolution photo available if this one isn't clear enough.


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My painted fire red shrimp have that stripe down the back, that's normal. Can't really tell what the dark patch is but I'm thinking she just has some variation in color.

Dark red is actually considered higher grade for cherry shrimp. I would say she's just a different color then the rest, doesn't sound sick to me.

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I don't think your shrimp is at all visually unappealing.  I myself enjoy unique animals.  Looks darn good, especially after having 80,000 babies. ( A fisherman's story grows each time told!)

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The redder/more pigmented the shrimp, the higher grade it is.


The clear spots on the cheeks are called "ear holes" and are hard to get covered with pigment.  It can be done though.


The stripe is genetic.  In fact, there are entire strains that have been bred for stripes.


The dark spot behind the head is the guts.  It appears more when they eat more. heh


Welcome to shrimp spot! :)

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Thank you everyone!  I'm so happy to hear this.  She really is my favorite!


To be honest, I don't think she's ugly either... she just doesn't look like my other guys.  Now that I've gotten the consensus that she's probably not sick, I'm going to move her into the new tank with her "friends".  She seems so darn lonely.  

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