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Acclimation tools

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This is an interesting gadget if you have money to burn.  SS would have to be placed over the holes for shrimp.




Seems to me basically you could do the same thing by using an air valve and hanging one small dollar store bucket above another and doing the same thing . LOL

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That's a pretty expensive gadget.


For me, I just use 1 quart plastic containers.


Drill a hole near the top but not big enough to allow shrimp to pass. Just enough for water to flow through.


Cut a rigid airline tubing the height of the container. 


Attach drip acclimation kit onto rigid airline tubing.


Add shrimps and water into container.


Place the 1 quart plastic container into a wide plastic container.


Start siphon!



This way I am able to drip acclimation all my shrimp packages in a timely manner and not have to worry about overflow for each container.


New tank water goes into the container from the bottom and old water slowly exits at the top.

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I posted about that on the Facebook page, I'm really considering getting one because I think it will acclimate the shrimp better because you will have them at a prefect match to the water there going in not off by a little bit because this thing seems to replace all the water in the container to the water of your tank, when you do the drip method your just adding your water to the transported water and i can see that raising TDS, kh and gh from the water they are going into. I think it could help with getting shrimp to higher PH then they are used to so we can get them in a better area that more people can enjoy them. 

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Very cool idea! Can't believe how expensive they made it though. Acrylic will get you!

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