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Get a room! Maybe?

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So I have a female blue velvet shrimp with quite a large saddle going on. Last week there was a lot of swimming behaviour going on, I assume she must have molted. But no berries! Things have settled down in the tank now with everyone just grazing and some swimming but not as much.

Today I noticed one of the males hitching a ride on the female (good thing she has a saddle! Lol). From the reading Iv done it says this is not actually mating but maybe a precursor? I read it may suggest "foreplay" but nothing for sure. Anyone had experience with this?? He was kind of picking at her head like he was grooming her or something.

How long can she have that saddle? Does it disappear after awhile if not fertilized? Here's a pic. Kinda hard to see as always.


And here is the female with her saddle


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shrimps attitude..."i'm walking this way,if you're in my way i'm walking over you".


they might not mate the first time when the males go crazy,but when they do it's quick and looks violent.


blue pearl?

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When shrimp are swimming around normally after a fresh molt we call this "dancing". The female releases pheromones that make the males go into a frenzy looking for this female. Honestly it is all dependent on the shrimp, the female could berry the same day or next, and other times never. Just be patient, if your shrimp are dancing it will happen.

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