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Hi there. Excited to be here!

Tannin Aquatics

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Hi everyone,


My name is Scott Fellman, and I'm excited the newest sponsor here on The Shrimp Spot! We should have our own forum up and running in the next few days. In the mean time, I'd just like to introduce myself!




My company, Tannin Aquatics, specializes in offering aquarists a curated collection of natural products and other goods for creating cool biotope aquarium displays. Our aquatic botanicals are used by biotope aquarium lovers, aquascaping fans, vivarium and riparium lovers, and of course...shrimp keepers!




I have been a lifelong aquarium enthusiast, both fresh and saltwater, and have been in the business side of the aquarium world for over a decade. I recently sold my ownership interest in Unique Corals (www.uniquecorals.com), which specialized in marine livestock, and of course, corals! Although I have kept freshwater fishes my whole life, I am not particularly well known i the freshwater aquarium world! In the reef aquarium world, I am quite the opposite, being a globally recognized author and speaker, actively talking at aquarium clubs around the world, as well as the major conferences, such as MACNA, IMAC, Reefapalooza, etc. I regularly contribute to sites like Reef Builders, as well as hosting a forum on the Reefkeeping site, reef2reef, where I blog about a variety of topics.


And of course, jumping into the business side of the freshwater hobby has been a long-time goal of mine. Tannin Aquatics started operations in August of 2015, and has enjoyed steady growth and brand recognition.We are constantly refining our product offerings and service to give our customers consistently excellent experiences every time they order.


If you check our our website, you'll find an extensive variety of materials that you can use for your shrimp, as well as other tropical fish and herp needs. We pride ourselves on being just a bit different than what you're used to in the realm of aquatic vendors, and we think you'll know why after your first visit to our site. Our orientation, aesthetic, attitudes, and high emphasis on personalized customer service and quality are hallmarks of our business. We are not a bargain-basement vendor, nor are we ridiculously high end. We offer quality items at fair prices. We don't aim to offer every item on the market. In fact, you'll probably note that we don't have many of the more "regular" items you can find on any vendor's site. Rather, we offer items that we ourselves use and believe in, and each item is part of a bigger story.


In fact, this excerpt from our "About Us" page form our website summarizes our whole mission:



"Tannin's story really began with my lifelong love for all things aquatic, and a vision to provide freshwater tropical fishes with the most natural captive environments possible. Environments with a certain look. A certain feel. A certain vibe. Earthy. Organic. Natural.

The name “Tannin” was selected because it’s the substance derived from leaves and wood that tints the life-giving waters of tropical rivers and streams with a beautiful brown color that I find so alluring. The dark waters, tangled roots and earthy colored leaves found off the shores of tropical “blackwater” rivers, ponds, and streams provide an irresistible subject for hobbyists to replicate in our aquariums. 

Our tagline, "Leaves, Wood, Water, Life" perfectly summarizes our aesthetic, our offerings, our point of view- and our mission.

The passion behind Tannin comes from my desire to provide fellow aquatic hobbyists with a carefully curated selection of aquarium products, along with information, inspiration, and appreciation for creating representations of the beautiful world that exists where land meets water.                                                        

We’re all about fostering aquatic creativity. We offer cool natural materials to create distinctive aquarium displays, and provide fish breeders with products they can use to practice their craft. We're big believers of investing the time and committing to the process of aquascaping and developing excellent environments for our fishes. We like to think that doing something with our aquariums is more fun than just looking at them. Our "aquatic botanicals" are intended for use in aquariums, terrariums, vivariums, paludariums, and ripariums, and offer unique aesthetics to help you create memorable displays.


Based in Los Angeles, California, our thing is to offer fellow hobbyists the kind of stuff that gets us excited. Weather it’s unusual aquascaping materials, aquatic botanicals, that hard-to-find "small batch" fish food with the local cult following, specialty aquarium hardware, substrate additives, or stuff for fish breeders- everything that we sell is something that we use and believe in.

We don't offer everything under the sun. Just stuff that fits our vision, our vibe, our aesthetic. Stuff that comes from quality, reliable, and responsible sources. Stuff that we know will get YOU excited, too. We're not a bargain-priced, super-high-volume discount vendor. We offer quality, premium products at a fair price.

Each and every aquatic botanical is hand-selected and packed to order, with care and consideration- the same consideration we'd use if we were adding it to our own aquarium. We're constantly searching for new items that fit our aesthetic and vision to add to our collection, and editing our offerings to remove items that don't conform to our evolving vision. 

And we support all of this good stuff with a level of personal service that we know will keep you coming back for more! Your satisfaction is everything to us, and I promise that we'll do everything possible to give you a great experience when working with us. Every single time.

I know that passion matters in this hobby. And passion drives everything that we do at Tannin. We hope to be a reliable, friendly, and useful resource for you to turn to when you want to create unique, natural-looking aquatic displays.


As you may have already surmized- we aren’t your "typical" aquarium products vendor. We don't ever want to be.


And we're just getting started! Come evolve with us.


To check out more of our stories and what inspires us, check out our blog."


We are very active on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We don't dabble. We produce regular, daily content for our customers and fans to enjoy, share, comment on. A new blog is up on our website each and every day for you to enjoy. We want you to really have a great experience with our company  and we think that our blog, Facebook page, and Instagram feeds are awesome places to start. We have begun production of very high-quality videos featuring some of our concept builds, and the first one was just released last week, with many more to come!


I'm very excited to be here, and look forward to working with many of you in the near future. Should you have any need to contact me directly, my email is:


tannin aquatics@gmail.com


Once again, thanks for welcoming me into your community. I hope to keep a pretty active sponsor forum with regular updates once it's activated.


Stay Wet!


Scott Fellman, Owner

Tannin Aquatics

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Thanks very much!


Please feel free to let us know if there is anything you have questions about, or if you're looking for materials for a specific need and aren't sure what would work best for you!





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Welcome and thanks for becoming a sponsor!

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Welcome Scott!


We are glad to have you! Website looks great, it will certainly take me sometime to go through all of the different "Aquatic Botanicals" and more.

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