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Priceless !


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 Hi Guys and Gals,

I understand that this site is run by people who love the hobby and want to help others to have the same enjoyment they get out of it. As the expression goes "Love don't pay the bills".  That said how is the site funded and does becoming a Bronze/Silver/Gold member help with this concern?  I contribute (pay dues) to local clubs to benefit the hobby especially for the kids.  The information on this site is priceless, but I'm willing to put a price on it.,,,,Mike

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Hi OEM, yeah it gets expensive with software, upgrades, servers, website, etc.  If you'd like to donate to help this site continue to succeed, that would be awesome.  It's through generosity from people such as yourself, that we are able to continue. :)

  • If you click on the "Store" tab above, you can see three levels you are able to donate.  Since the upgrade we have to rename that tab, and write what each level offers again.  So much done, so much work ahead of us. heh


We also understand there are many people in the hobby on this forum who may not be in a financial position become a supporting member. 

Rest assured, we still care about these people too.  :rock:

That's why we don't charge for the marketplace, or have this a "paid only" forum.  The more legit information available, the more we are all able to appreciate the hobby.

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Thanks OEM, it really is appreciated!

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Your welcome.  I also agree that everyone should get the full benefit of this site including those on a string budget.  The people on this site have helped me with deciding to give shrimp a go.  Ahh, But for the price of half a dozen Cherry's a village could fall.

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