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Shrimp ID?

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Nice looking shrimp! I believe bamboo shrimp need saltwater to breed.

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What a coincidence. I came across a pic of that same fan shrimp just a couple weeks ago. I tried to research it, but not much info out there. If you find a source for some, let me know! Beautiful shrimp. Large and harmless too!


Here is a collection of some info that I did find though (most of them need translation). From what I've seen, it's referred to as "Taiwan Bamboo Shrimp".

Atyopsis sp. 'Bamboo Shrimp', but I  couldn't find an exact scientific name for the species (probably doesn't have one yet, "cf." more appropriate?).





The pinterest pic post in the first post, if you click more info, it says it supposedly gets 2-3 inches.

Tried searching on the "crustahunter" website that is shown under that pic, but didn't find any article for them there. There was an article for the "regular" bamboo shrimp though (Atyopis moluccensis), maybe care specs are identical



This shrimp is shown on AquariumGlaser


but no info, just leads to the image. Maybe they have a published article in a magazine on it out there.

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