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amazing deal


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Hey guys i was looking around and met a german breeder which is selling some of his shrimps.

we talked for a while and came with this cheap group price that i had to share....


this whole group will cost me 100 euro which is 112 us dollars!


5x blue shadow mosura

7x blue bolt 

3x panda

5x shadow mosura red 

3x red wine 

1x pinto red multistripe

1x pinto black multistripe

1x pinto red clasic


total of 26 shrimps wow!


it is a 2.5 hour drive and i think that i will visit him in the next 1.5 week or so... EXCITED XD

he has sent me some photo's of his collection and WOW! high quality shimp m8..

i will deffinitly buy more of him when i am visiting him..


he is also willing to sell me some of his green hulk taiwan bee's for 9 euro which is 10 us dollars..

but first i wanted to see it how green it is before ordering it... (photo's look promosing though, very green one's)


can't wait XD 

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Wowowowow, what a steal!

That's less than you'd usually see just those last 3 shrimp sold for!
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