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RO and ph

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Ok shrimpers, I have RO water unit my water comes out at 0ppm which tells my unit is working . My ph is neutral 7.0. When I add ph down to my RO water , my TDS goes up substantially. It shoots up very quickly as I make small movements in getting ph down to 6.0 any suggestions ?  It seems that when I do water changes in my 10 gallon tank with SL-Aqua soil my TDS seems to always be around 200 PPM when I try and get ph in the 6.0 range . As time goes on ph rises and top off with water and ph rises more. Than I go to lower ph and than TDS shoots way up. Is this battle normal?

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2 hours ago, bostoneric said:

you shouldnt have to use "ph down" product with RO water. soil can drop the ph really fast because of the lack of kh.


Exactly ,thats what I don't understand. If my RO water is 7.0 how do I get it down to 6.0 without using ph down? I am using SL-Aqua soil I bought from you which Im very happy with. my blue bolts seem to love it. Throughout the day my ph does rise from 6.0 to maybe 6.5

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47 minutes ago, avonsurfernc said:

how do I get it down to 6.0 without using ph down?


Your substrate should do this for you.  That is one purpose of active, buffering substrate for shrimpkeeping.  


Active Substrates will purposely change the value of some parameters in your water, mainly pH. They are used for this reason, to buffer your water’s pH to stay at a certain level http://www.shrimpfever.com/2015/10/09/so-you-want-to-start-a-shrimp-tank-4-substrate/


You should be remineralizing to a target GH level, not a target pH.  Once added to your tank, the remineralized water and your substrate will find some sort of pH balance that the soil will help maintain.  I believe that everyone is reporting that SL substrate buffers to pH levels suited for Caridina shrimp.  Messing with pH beyond that is a difficult proposition, as you have encountered.

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Get some ADA does it for you everytime!!! Haven't tested my PH in a year or so still breeding

-Chris Taylor


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On 4/29/2016 at 3:57 PM, bostoneric said:



over the top of flourite?  


Well Flourite is inert, so it shouldn't matter that he put SL-Aqua over it. However, how much SL-Aqua do you have in the tank? How I understand it, you need 1.5-2 inches of buffering substrate for it to be effective. With using two different substrates, do you have half as much buffering substrate as you should have?

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