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What are these orange shrimp?

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I had at least six of these shrimp pop up in my Taiwan bee tank. They are very cool. I do have an idea as to what they are but wanted to consult the shrimp community. I am guessing they come from the pinto culls I moved to this tank because they looked like regular Taiwan bees.  I need to decide what to do with them because they are almost breeding age.








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They could be tangtai but you'd notice more white striping. They look TT to me, which is crazy! Maybe you got a couple hitchhikers with other shrimp or plants? If they're tibee they'd have to have the white/black overlapping striping along the back at least to some extent.

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No way they'd be pure TT unless they were hitchhikers. To me, they don't look pure TT (at least most of them). They don't have as much white on them as other hybrids I've seen, but the pattern still does look to different than pure TT.


If I'm not mistaken, Pintos are TaiTiBee (Tiger x TaiB and crossed back with another TaiB), so maybe the Tiger part was TT being crossed.

Can't say I ever heard of a Pinto throwing out a TT phenotype though, mainly just see Taiwan Bee (w/ pinto gene mischlings).

Idk if they'd be TangTai (Tibee), PsedoTibee (Crystal x TT) or what.


I'm assuming these were produced by the old occupants of the tank and weren't introduced to the tank at a young age (already looking like they do now), since you've never seen them before.


Maybe to be on the safer side as to what they are exactly, either separate them all into a breeder box or separate tank and see what offspring they produce among themselves. Otherwise if you still want a mixed tank, just mix em in the gene pool.

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12 hours ago, Shrimpscales said:

Actually this tank has turned into a mixed community tank. It is a very old tank that I am ready to tear down and reset. I will have to have a big sale soon. I have other tanks that I keep the pure Taiwan bees and selectively breed shrimp.

Please keep us informed  about your up coming sale.:thumbsu:

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They certainly are not Pure Tangerine Tigers as they come from a batch from one of your TBs. My assumption is they are Tibee. They do have faint white markings which alot of my F1 Tibees had as well. Your TBs must have been crossed with TT at some point and they have popped up in later generations.

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