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  2. Your cat is an awesome co-host what kind is it?
  3. PH 7.2. TDS 180
  4. SOLD!
  5. 10 Adult Royal Blue Tigers Around half are royal blues, half are "black orange eye tigers" meaning they have some degree of striping. The Royal Blue line throws these, its normal. I'm not sure why they are called "black orange eye tigers" Because they are still royal blue in color (not black) $80 plus $10 shipping (USPS Priority Mail) They are EXTREMELY hardy, and beautiful royal blue coloring - Picture is exact shrimp for sale
  6. Hi Friends! SAVE 20% on all orders Until FRIDAY MARCH 25th Coupon Code = twentyoff Today I have added 2 NEW WYSIWYG sections on my website! BUCEPHALANDRA MINI CLUMPS - (over 40+ items in stock!) https://www.shrimplife.net/wysiwyg-buce DRIFTWOOD (with and without moss/buce, coming soon!) https://www.shrimplife.net/custom-driftwood-with-moss
  7. 2 packages left!
  8. I have a few of these packages available. I have alot of healthy Mischlings ready to go. They are BKK Mischlings, with BKK genes that range from Blue Bolt, Extreme Blue Bolt, Panda, Extreme BKK, Shadow Panda... 10 Mischlings + 2 Taiwan bees for $50 shipped! If you want to add more Mischlings, you can add them for $3 each. I won't have any more taiwan bees , only 2 per order The two taiwan bees will be 1 blue bolt regular grade and 1 shadow panda (may be a hino shadow, depends what I can find in the tank at time of netting) All shrimp are Juvie size, best for shipping and your long term success! Thanks!
  9. No they should not lighten up but the dark sand as in my pic does help showcase the blue color. I would not cross blue dreams with anything including carbon rilis.
  10. Anchor moss... Freshly tied, it will fan out nicely as it grows
  11. I think Black substrate is best for the blue dreams
  12. 10 nice CRS, mostly tiger tooth or v-band, nice contrasting colors. Mostly young adult, juvies $35 includes Shipping cost. USPS Priority Mail
  13. BUMP! I have some Juvies available!
  14. Trying to get decent photos with my cell phone... tried to focus but this is as good as I can get for cell phone.