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  1. I was thinking the same as BostonEric. Its worth the extra $$$ to save yourself alot more wasted $$$ in the end.
  2. I used to have oranges like that, but I discontinued breeding them last year (regrets!) I recently got some new oranges but they are more like neon orange rather then sakura. To be honest after having both varieties the neon orange is super vibrant and nice. If you can't find a sakura type (which is very hard) then I don't think you will be disappointed with Neon/Regular Oranges. In my opinion, they are so underrated!
  3. I enjoy her videos too. She is very knowledgeable and covers alot of topics that are pretty important!
  4. Pm sent
  5. I can't seem to find any Homebred Orange Rili Shrimp... So I am trying to make my own. I found ONE Orange Rili shrimp (she was a tiny tag along shrimp in an order of Royal Blues I got) Anyways she is grown up and berried now by an Orange Shrimp. She has pretty good coverage on here head and tail. She berried up yesterday, pics of this project will be posted! Here is a pic from a few days ago....
  6. TGOE said it right, less transparancy on the Orange Sakuras...
  7. Hombred Yellow Neos. They are very hardy and Prolific. They produce some goldenback /striped back 10 for $28 20 for $50 Shipping is USPS Priority Mail $12. Live Arrival Guaranteed!
  8. Is it all the shrimp including females? Pretty cool
  9. I have ordered Caridina Shrimp from Joe - and they were lovely. As far as Neocaridina Shrimp goes - I cannot speak to the quality of Joe's or if they come with disease or not. So the following is not directed at Joe - Imported Neocaridina in many people's experience including my own either come with disease (even if the shrimp you receive show no sign of it, often it will show up within a few weeks) or they die off one by one. This is not a marketing ploy. Advanced hobbyists know this - and beginners should too. Just putting this out there so that people are clear about the risks associated with imported NEOS. Imported Tiger shrimp should have no issue as well as any Caridina Shrimp.
  10. 10 mixed grades sakura/also produce fire reds... Homebred - Adults - Females are nice red and the males are splotchy $20 plus $10 USPS Priority Mail + I will add a few extra things- 3 mulberry leaves, alder cones, cholla log 3", Snowflake food (fresh!) THANKS
  11. I think TGOE has some...
  12. sorry sold out for a few months!
  13. Nice tank Mike!