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  1. 4 MOSS PADS FOR $28 - SHIPPING INCLUDED! You will get 4 moss pads, these are all semi-rare! (not common but not "very" rare) and they are all grown in low light, and without co2 or ferts! Each pad is 1.5x1.5" stainless steel and you will receive the same amount of growth on each pad as pictured. All of these would normally sell for double the price. PILO, FISSIDENS GEPPI, CAMEROON MOSS, MINI PELLIA I only have a few of these available. USPS First Class Mail
  2. Its Back! $55 SHIPPED! 10 BKK Mischlings + 2 Taiwan bees (1 panda, 1 bkk stripe) All are juveniles , healthy and homebred by me. Live arrival Guaranteed! Limited time for these, thanks everyone !
  3. BUMP! I have some 5 for $25 buce in stock!
  4. From the lfs tank setup, its not a good idea. Clearly the tank is bare (should have the right substrate), the moss is dead (why?) and who knows what else. You can get homebred crs for much cheaper and way healthier from members here... When your ready there are multiple sources that will provide you with healthy crs. Hope this helps!
  5. ALL PACKAGES WERE SHIPPED SATURDAY I upload all tracking info into Paypal. Paypal then emails you a ship notification with the tracking number. I do not individually email everyone again as paypal already does this. Kindly check your Paypal if you did not receive a ship notification. I received a few emails today from buyers asking if I shipped, so clearly not everyone is getting the ship notification. For your future purchases from me or anyone else check your paypal notification settings and check your email settings/spam. IF YOU DID NOT GET AN EMAIL FROM PAYPAL- PLEASE LOG INTO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT, FIND THE PAYMENT YOU SENT ME AND CLICK ON TRACK SHIPMENT. IT WILL DIRECT YOU TO YOUR USPS TRACKING INFO. Thank Everyone!
  6. Alot of people have the RO Buddie including myself, it is a great little RO unit
  7. Breeder boxes is also a good option. I ended up using a bunch during my move. For the reason OEM stated- "breeder boxes as some tanks may take longer to get up to speed and the shrimp can at least be in a tank with stable parameters and good water flowing thru the netting but kept "
  8. the distinguishing factor is that blue jelly shrimp and blue velvets are much lighter.
  9. They are deep blue, full blue body. Sometimes they show some darker patches but its not very noticeable.
  10. Hey Darryl, I would carry it on a piece of wood if possible. You are going to basically drain it all the way just enough water to cover the substrate -for safety and peace of mind.I have personally cracked a tank by picking it up, from the pressure of my hands against the glass for just a few seconds. I would remove the shrimp or as many shrimp as possible. The substrate could move around too much and upset the balance of the tank or release ammonia Put the shrimp in buckets. This is just in my humble opinion. I know everyone does it their own way but I've done the method draining and leaving shrimp in and I regret it.
  12. yes, pretty much. cull rate is about 10% or less
  13. Thanks ibebian! , the males are pretty neat!
  14. SOLD