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  1. I think you should also have alot of leaf litter for biofilm and use foods that scatter this helps the babies alot. Not sure if its necessary to use it for neos, I don't and I have a tonne of babies.
  2. Thanks Chappy
  3. Water Parameters are standard Taiwan bee parameters, should be around 140 tds, 6.2 ph, 1 kh, 3-5 GH Please PM me , thanks!
  4. Hi People! Its that time of year again. My mulberry trees have lots of leaves. I am picking them while green, rinsing and air drying flat. The shrimp love this Natural food! They will not pollute your water and are pesticide free, and safe. Just drop it in your tank, it will sink within a day and the shrimp will start to eat it right away. Also a great "vacation food" because it will not spoil and you can drop a leaf in before your vacation! Leaves are 1.5-3" (mixed sizes) USPS First Class $4 20 Leaves $12 50 leaves $22 100 leaves $40
  5. I am sold out again, for a few weeks, Please check back , I can't find a message from you in my inbox
  6. I think lately the warm weather is causing alot of people to stray from the forum but there are lots of knowledgeable members here who will respond to posts if you need advice. Also there is so much info in the archives, like OEM said.
  7. 2 Packages available!!! Shipping on MONDAY
  8. Hey Shrimpspot Friends! I've got some good deals I'd like to share with you! FOR A LIMITED TIME, FREE MOSS LEDGE WITH ALL ORDERS! Shipping is USPS First Class $5 Mosses (all portions are 2x3" loose/except mini pellia) Mini Christmas $10 Mini Taiwan $10 Weeping $10 Willow $10 Mini Pellia $14 (2x2" tied to mesh) Flame $6 Anchor $7 (or any of the above attached to a moss ledge for $2.25 additional/except mini pellia) OTHER Fissidens on Cholla Wood 3 for $25 or $9 each Marimo Moss Balls $4 each or 3 for $11 Mulberry Leaves 20 for $8 Glass Feeding Dish $4 each Moss Ledges Nano Ledges 1.25" $2.50 2" Ledges $2.50 OR 5 for $11 BUCEPHALANDRA 5 Mini Clumps for $65 (shipping included) Each portion can come loose or attached to Lava Rock (your choice) 20-30 Leaves per portion (this qualifies them as "mini clumps") Picture represents the size and portion of 5 mini clumps on lava rock
  9. lol I hear ya. It can get pricey. but pretty sure glass and polycarbonate run around the same price, atleast in my area its not very much more for me to get glass cut and sanded. However if you have the tools and materials on hand you'll save $$$ by DIY'ing it
  10. glass shops will cut glass for pretty cheap and sand the edges for you.
  11. Looks great! Love the shrimp shelter with the little holes in it. Its really cool.
  12. MY HOMEBRED SUPER CRYSTAL REDS 10 Juvies for $75 Shipping is $10 USPS Priority Mail They are low grade however their parents are mid-high grades. No matter what grade your parents are, there are still alot of low grades that occur. The low grades also can produce higher grades. This is what I have seen myself and also discussed with more experienced people who have bred more of these then I have.
  13. In my experience RBT do not breed true so you will see some other variations from your babies.
  14. I also have these and got them from TheGlassBox, quality on these shrimp is amazing and her packing and customer service are great!
  15. Yes pm me what your looking to buy and I will send you some info.