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  1. I worked and lived there a few years ago. I spent my time in North Shore and Kailua. Lucky you I think most people here on the mainland will still ship to you... USPS is still pretty reliable service to Hawaii
  2. These are very small... I think you can make room for 1~
  3. My Bloody Mary colony is taking off... Tonnes of babies, berries & saddles
  4. FISSIDENS MIROSHAKI Portion Size- Tied to black rock, 40+ strands Xsmall rock, suited to a shrimp or nano tank - perfect for those collecting moss and keen on rare mosses Healthy, easy to grow. Does not require any special treatment for success, low tech tanks are perfectly fine! However it does grow slow! $22 ea. Price includes USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL Live arrival is Guaranteed!
  5. Yes, I usually always have some of these available!
  6. All I have left for a few weeks is the 20 xsmall plants for $20...For those I have a few inquiries so far but noone has paid... so if you would like it PM your paypal email so I can invoice. Thanks!
  7. Here are the 20 small plantlets for $20 including shipping.
  8. I have a group of 20 small Pogostemon Helferi plantlets, they are about 1" tall each, $20 for all 20pcs and price includes USPS First Class mail. Thanks!
  9. Great deal soothing!
  10. Please PM me, thanks!!
  11. 10 gallon is more then enough to keep your 10 crs happy
  12. Please PM me, thanks!
  13. No I don't use co2, and I don't use co2 for any of my moss collection, and no problems. I think the problem alot of time is the source/seller. If you are buying a moss or plant that is grown in high demand conditions and you move it to a low tech tank, you can expect melting. die off etc... I personally have had some issues with tissue culture plants not flourishing the same way that my hobbyist grown moss and plants did.