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Alleni missing

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Woke up this morning and one of my white alleni is missing.  Got out through the glass covered tank.  My fault since I was messing with lighting yesterday. *sigh*


My cat is a mouser, so since there is no trace, I'm assuming my feline had a nice snack- and if not, perhaps I'll have a dried ornament to put on the Christmas tree if ever found. :cold: 

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sneaky!  lol

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LOL. I once had one female try to avoid a male by climbing up the tubing of the sponge filter and crawling out of the tank....luckily that time she fell thru the slots of my stand into my fish tank below.....unfortunately for the fish, some got eaten!


Next time she did this she crawled all the way out of my fish room/computer room into my bedroom down the hall and ended up behind my blinds where I found her about 2 months later....like a prehistoric dinosaur!

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LOL  Yeah, I was very depressed when I found her missing again.  I hunted hi and lo for her, in the fish room, never thinking she'd done this during the night and just kept on crawling....good thing I didn't step on her on the way to the bathroom in the dark...now that would've freaked me out :startle:

She was sooo pretty, very nice solid white body and very snowwhite in color...I was going to breed her to the male, guess she had other ideas!!!

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