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Dark knight shrimp?


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Upon close examination, I see in the Black Rose pic: dark chocolate, chocolate, and blue.  So I think it's safe to speculate that these don't breed true and may even be hand picked from a larger shipment.


In fact, these look an awful lot like selected BD to me.

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Lol, I'd never buy from him.

Here's a pic of a berried female almost full black.

Lighting is a daylight led bulb, bulbs are white, not a mix of colors like a strip led. Just throwing that out there ;)

Here's a pic of what I think a Black king kong neo should like like....with the exception that a section is missing some color


All in all I think she is one sexy mama, hoping for atleast one or two solid shrimplets ^^b

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I went back to the store to have a second look at them and saw a lot of brown shades so I passed on it. Although I made a similar post on the Australian shrimp site a few thought they would breed pretty true. Saw a German ad for black rose neo so maybe they are coming out of Europe. I'll wait till they are more common. Thanks for all the input.

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