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Very nice fish! I so wish I had left mine in a bare tank. The sand is soooo hard to keep clean. I am thinking of taking it all out. You were very wise on that choice. 


I have a few of the shortbody versions and only one female regular. She is just a pickup I got at a lfs when they didn't know what she was. 


Red dragon Female taken at the LFS before I bought her. 8inches



This is my little shortbody male Red TX cross with his girlfriend in a lip lock when they were forming a pair bonding. They can get pretty vicious, but these two bonded without much bloodshed. She is a 5" young Synspilum. You can see my little man is much smaller than she is. But love knows no size. LOL She is showing breeding colors so my fingers are crossed for eggs soon.




These are my newest shortbody FH's. 1st is the tiny girl. 1 1/2inches, 2nd is her little fellow. 3inches. They offset each other very well. He has more red, she has more green, but both have lots of pearls. I really hope they bond. 






Ironically, I have never been bitten by the bigger ones...but that little bitty female, can pinch you good. She hates it when I do water changes. She chases me all over the tank and will bite the &%(^ out of my arms. LOL She hasn't brought blood, but she can leave some imprints and red spots on you. 


Sorry the pix aren't as good as his, but these were on my phone. 

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