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Reef Tank with some shrimp


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Hello all:

I've got some cleaner shrimp and fire shrimp in this tank. They have amazing coloration and are much larger than most freshwater shrimp. I have a hard time getting pictures of them though. They like to hide in the rocks...


Here's a shot of both of them in salty tank 2:




Here's a shot of tank 1:



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Thank you!


Nope, it's an Allen's Damselfish.

Oh the ''neon'' damsel .

I have never actually seen one other than pics .

I had salt in the late 70s early 80s when UG filters were the norm ,wet/drys were starting to come out and the only protein skimmers were archaic air driven compared to now thus reef tanks weren't the norm , lol plus lighting was just fluorescent tubes .

We did collect rock and lots livestock right from reefs because regulations weren't put in place till early 80s .

Rocks would come with tiny octopus , tiny morays and mantis and bristle worms .

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I love bristleworms.  Predatory creatures though.

lol you are the only person I know who likes them .


I used to remove them in a simple bottle trap but my biggest night predators were large serpent stars which I caught trapping and trying to eat one of my yellow gobies so I gave the big green serpent stars away .


Live rock than was LIVE because there weren't any real regulations yet and it was right from the unprotected Miami reefs . We didn't know any better .



Keep in mind I'm going back to early 80s when we didn't have the info we have now .

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