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white in crs

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Lets talk about the white apear in crs...

some questions.

1) getetic?

2) water parameters?

3) food?

or 4) minerals?

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Yes, all of the above. BUT, having said that, I think genetics is the most important. Good genes can help make up for not using the best food or your parameters being out of whack. But if your genes are bad there is no amount of love you can give that shrimp to make him more white.

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Agree with puddles. Genetics is the most important factor, others help but won't help too much positively.


It's like body height, doesn't matter how much you eat or exercise, you won't grow too much taller than how you were "designed", and if you don't get enough nutrients, you won't grow to your "designed" height.

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I am asking because i have see products that they add more white and red in crs .

And a lot of foods...


I am using salty shrimp minera and ro l, i dint try anything else .

Is there any diferents ?


For food i buy only what i can found here, and  cheaps... :)

i feed them 10 diferents food.




Now i divide a tank and put snowhites and sss whith nice white.

So i will see how this is going... :)

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I want those organizers for work!! I'm tired of remembering where the needles were squirreled away THIS week!

I think you might be able to get away with very small quantities. If you look in the fishing supply area, some of the bait boxes are supposed to lock water out of the overall container, and you can always put little silica packets in each section to absorb ambient moisture. I have no idea how much those cost, though.

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