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Panther Crabs

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Can these guys live fully submerged 100% of the time or do they need to have access to the surface at times?

Agreed, this is a pretty good looking animal.

Do you know if there are any restrictions by state on crabs like there are on crayfish? I'm in Missouri and have been under the impression I can't join your new gang :)

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Please stop making me want more tanks. Please please please. I'm running out of room!

I'm with chibikaie on this one!

I haven't even started my first tank yet and I'm already planing all kinds of different projects!

Now I feel the need to try and start a selective breeding program on this crab to see what types of patterns and colors can be "popped"



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Rod, I think this crab is a blank slate for color patterns!  Just having black on the shell means the opportunity for color mutations and selective breeding is there.  It's very exciting!


AND due to the fact crabs have vast amount of babies at once, it is a dream for selective breeders!  Shrimping basics have to serve us well! :)



phree, from what I read they are opportunistic, so would have to be kept with shrimp culls as they would probably eat them if they could catch them. 


Now after all that, I STILL can't find anything on their breeding. :(

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Just been looking at these and can get 2 X for £25 , so I am a bit tempted. Did do a Google search and some people have had them , but can't keep them alive for longer than a couple of months. So maybe once I finished resetting and dividing my 4ft tank.

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Yea I've read similar things. They'd do well for a few months then die. If you do get some keep us posted, i really want ro keep them but I'm afraid they'd just die and I'll be out $60

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