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Hello from Manhattan, Kansas

Steve R.

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Hello there, shrimp fans,

I have been a member in this awesome forum since last summer but never really introduced myself. I really love this forum.

My name is Stefan Rothenburg, I am an assistant professor for virology and immunology in the Division of Biology at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. My work focuses on the interaction of pathogens (mainly viruses) and the immune system of their hosts (mostly vertebrates)and how this interaction influences the virulence and the host range (range of different species that the pathogen can infect) of the pathogens. Here is a link to my lab website if you are interested: http://www.k-state.edu/hsv/Site/Welcome.html

I am not working on shrimp pathogens. In our work we use a lot different techniques in molecular biology, cell biology and virology. Besides this, I am teaching a Molecular Biology Laboratory class for senior undergraduate students. For the next class in the Fall, I am considering working on a shrimp-related project with my students, such as isolating DNA, cloning and sequencing of some genes and finally performing phylogenetic analysis by constructing phylogenetic trees of the shrimps that we are analyzing with other shrimps, whose sequences are deposited in databases.

My little sister in Germany inspired me to do aquascaping and she also had nice yellow fire and tiger shrimps. I got a lot of my plants from her.

The only shrimp species I am currently keeping is Caridina sulawesi (Sulawesi crown shrimps). It is a hardy species found in rivers and caves in Sulawesi Selatan. Here are links to previous posts dealing with Caridina sulawesi.







I have been selectively breeding these for about three years. I am working on different lines. I have had the biggest success with black and white lines. I try to increase the number and coverage and intensity of the black stripes, the coverage and intensity of the white (including legs) and select for patterns on carapace and rostrum. Lately, I had some success in breeding a blue/yellow line (see link above). Interestingly, the males show more blue, while the females show more yellow or clear bodies. I am waiting for the colony to increase before the next round of selection.

For breeding, I have four 10G tanks and two 40G tanks. I recently bought three more 20G tanks during the 1$/gallon petco sale, which I want to set up in the coming weeks.

Some forum members asked me if I sell my shrimps. I feel that most lines that I am breeding are not stable enough, yet. I might put the black and white lines on the market in the Fall (I have to cull less that 10%). If anybody should be interested in breeding their own C. sulawesi, I decided to make shrimps of a colony, which I am keeping for maintaining high genetic diversity, exclusively available to members of this forum. This colony displays are large spectrum of different patterns and colors and has a great potential for selective breeding. Just PM me. I am especially open for trading them for other Sulawesi (lake species) shrimps.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 5S and images were not manipulated in any way.











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Heya Steve,


Just wanted to chime in and say that I'm a big fan of your previous contributions to this forum as well as your awesome Sulawesi shrimp.  You've been here longer than I have so this is more of a "hello" than a "welcome" :)


I can only imagine the amount of support and attention you could gather with your proposed phylogenetic analysis of freshwater shrimp.......can't wait to hear more.

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Wow  those are really neat looking shrimp.     I would say welcome but you have already been here  a long time so instead I will say "Nice to meet you"

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Welcome Steve! What an impressive introduction, we are definitely glad to have you! 

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