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Painting Back of Aquarium


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So I use to get this black foam faux rock background that I would glue to the back of my smaller tanks as a background but since I haven't bought a new tank in about 3 years I cant find where I got the background in the past so I'm planning on just painting the back of the aquarium black. 


Since it is my first attempt at this anyone who has done this in the past what kind of paint have you used and what tips or trick do you have to doing this successfully? 

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When I used to paint the back of the aquarium black I used acrylic based paint. I simply used a brush and put two coats on, worked out perfect!

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yea I'm going to go down the paint road, probably spray paint because I will be doing it outside and it will be cold and I think I will spend the least time outside lol But I need to find a nice base that I dont care if it gets destroyed

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