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Purple Vampire crab tank


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Finally I got a chance to set-up a tank for these guys, although they are terrestrial crabs they do need some water for molting, the female also dump the offspring tiny crabs in there.

I would like your input on safe plants that can be housed with these crabs, so far I added unknown terrarium plant in the background,  Subwassertang, Java fern and Marimo moss ball.  

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Bad news, the crabs came in bad shape and died after few days ( 1 was DOA). I would recommend express shipping on these guys.


Pet store I go to had them but not the purple type . They had a red type and the woman who owns the pet store who knows fish, inverts inside out said they ship very poorly from country they are collected in .


She holds them for a month before selling them and only got them because 2 people wanted them.


Think half died first 2 weeks .

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yeah.  I've been reading you definitely want home bred because of the rate of deaths from imported.


Not being an expert on either shrimp or crabs thus could be wrong . I get the feeling that crabs are way more delicate than shrimp as far as wild caught and seems that plenty of crabs sold are wild caught .

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