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Thank you, Shrimp Spot. :)

Soothing Shrimp

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:DWe have now surpassed One Thousand Seven Hundred members here! :D



To all our new members, Thank you for joining!  We are very happy to have you here!


To our members here who have been here for some time, Thank You for making this the best Shrimp forum around!



The staff here works hard behind the scenes, and sometimes we make mistakes trying to do what we think is right at the time.  We do our best, but it is YOU that make this forum a success! 


Let's face it, a forum is just data.  Software.  Computer bits.  It is YOU that make this forum come alive, and we haven't forgotten that!


Your generosity sharing information, your positive attitudes, your encouraging  posts to one another, and your self policing makes this forum not only unique, but a joy to come to!

Can you believe it's only been since around November 2013 that we started? 


Here's to another three years of passionate shrimp keeping!


:goodjob: :goodjob: :goodjob: THANK YOU, Shrimp Spot! :goodjob: :goodjob: :goodjob:


:thumbsu:YOU ARE THE BEST!!! :thumbsu:


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Congratulations ShrimpSpot! Let's continue to inspire and share our passion with the world. 

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