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Soothing's Vampire Vivarium

Soothing Shrimp

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I've decided to take a risk and try Vampire crabs. (Geosesarma)


I've been wanting to do a vivarium for several months now,but got sidetracked on coral, etc.  It's just how my mind works.  I research something for an extremely long time, and then get sidetracked. LOL


So, I have to figure out a layout.  I'm going to use a tenner I already have and set it up like a vivarium.  To buy a viv tank is just too much cost for me right now.  I'm going to try to do this on the cheap with parts I have laying around.


Geosesarma are notorious for just up and dying, so I want to have everything in place before I even buy them.


I know almost nothing about them thus far. LOL  But, I knew almost nothing about shrimp when I first ventured into them as well.  I'm sure it will be a huge learning curve.


I've read they'll eat flakes, but I'd be afraid of mold on the moist ground.  Pellets from a dish would be nice, I think?  Mealworms/crickets, etc can be done- but I'm not one to keep buying live food.  Perhaps some shrimp culls in the water?  Who knows?


I found some moss growing on the ground on the walk taking my twins to school.  Thinking about harvesting some of that for land...

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This might sound kinda silly, but concrete on metal lath can make fairly light and durable backgrounds.  Plus it's very cheap! I've used it with amphibians and fish long term without issues.  Just recently been adding some shrimp culls to a tank with 3 concrete sides and they look to be doing good.  If you have an artistic side, it might be worth a try. All off the design elements in this frog tank are concrete.






I plan on experimenting more with shrimp and concrete in the future. 


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Been searching much of the morning for ideas on vivariums for my set up.


The red devil crabs are about as big as shrimp, but they hide constantly.  I know they'll burrow, so need a "soil" to mimic that.  OKay.


I also am planning on very low in height plants to be able to see them more, with some objects to break up line of sight from each other.


I like this digital set up someone created, but I want to add water for some wild neo shrimp as well.



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I carved a foam background out and painted it with quick crete, it was really hard to get the ph of the water to go down since theres so much lime in quick crete and eventually the epoxy i used gave out and the background came off 

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