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Newbie in Ohio


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  Hi Guys and Gals,

      One Eye Mike here(OEM).  Middle aged Hippy gardener who has had aquariums since being a kid. Mom and Dad started me on guppys while they were saltwater people. I worked remodeling homes for 25+ years and then went to work teaching Developmentally Challenged kids (18-22) life skills for living in our crazy world.

   I have been checking out the past posts and current discussions for about 4-5 weeks and currently have my guppys with CPOs in a 20g and some goldfish in a 10g at floor level for my grand kids who are still ankle biters. Trying to figure out where to put a 20g and a 40g I have had for the last several months.

   Interested in the shrimp but sometimes feel they are more high maintenance then a New York model. I'm sure that just a healthy planted tank is all that necessary for most shrimp, but what you guys have to do for breeding quality animals (I know from my large livestock) scares the Poopians out of me!

   Looking forward to keep learning from you Guys and Gals and occasionally adding my two cents.



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Welcome to TSS and thank you for sharing a little bit of background about yourself with us! 


Shrimp are a lot of good water quality, water parameters, healthy stock, and a little bit of luck. I am not a great breeder like some of our members on here, which I am sure they can chime in on this topic for you.

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Howdy OEM. :)


My kids have aspergers, my wife is a parapro for special ed at a local HS.


On to your interest in shrimp.  heh  Tanks can be as bare or elaborate as you would like.  Many people just do tanks with substrate, a sponge filter and some moss and the shrimp do fine. ;)

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Welcome from another Ohioan!

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