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has anybody used these shrimpfood?


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hello guys,


i have won a quest and received for me ´unknown´ shrimpfoods


i can't find information of some of these food, do you guys ever heard of used it and want to share some information?


i think most of these food are not known or new in the market?


these are the food names



1. berg power mix from CSF

2. sky fish S1

3. sky fish S2

4. lowkeys spiral

5. lowkeys all in one

6. lowkeys B18 protein

7. Power proteinn CSF


thanks ;)

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I use 4-7 and have had wonderful results thus far. Really I use the whole Lowkeys line and the CSF Pure Mineral Exclusive Series. Shrimp all seem to love the food and their coloration couldn't be better.

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The CSF Power Protein just came out recently.  I just ordered some so I should be carrying it soon.

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I think Skyfish is the breeder/company that are currently riding a wave of fame related to their galaxy pintos........a food line was to be expected.


Skyfish and the galaxy pintos were featured in B&K 3.



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Product Name : SKYFISH sky S1 ornamental fish shrimp feed (45g) feature of product: 1. SKYFISH Specialist1 is dedicated to the production of ornamental shrimp feed . 2. Comparison of partial plant nutrition feed ingredient , large shrimp are easy to eat , you can quickly cluster eating . Product information: 1. Main ingredient : natural spirulina, soybean extract , seaweed extract astaxanthin , seaweed extract protein , lecithin , yeast , vitamins, minerals. 2. Origin: Taiwan . 3. Capacity : 45g. 4. The particle size: square flat type , about 1cm.





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