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Kiwi Shrimp Food


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I have been making my own shrimp and fish food for a few years now. I always make it by hand with locally sourced organic ingredients. Living in the Bay Area I have a lot of local farms and farmer's markets at my disposal. I also grow some of these plants in my large aquaponics setup. I used to hand dry and cut up into chunks. It was effective but was hard to create equal pieces and it looked kind of ugly. I have always been looking for pill presses or fish food extruders to make uniform pcs, but they are crazy expensive and I just couldn't go there. Just in the past few days, after receiving a tip from a forum goer on these forums, I was able to find a local guy with a food extruder who is willing to produce some of my food for me. It now is a nice uniform shape I am happy with and am confident to put on the market.


Again, I use locally grown organic vegetables. I avoid fillers like wheat germ and fish meal that are cheap and don't provide much nutrients. I focus on vegetables and whole fish in this food. My shrimp go crazy for it and I think yours will too.


I am offering free samples of all these foods to anyone who will cover the $3 shipping. In addition, to purchase 40 grams of a food is $4 plus $3 shipping. I believe this is a great price for the work and love that goes into this food. I hope you're willing to give it a try!


Complete Mix

Complete mix of vegetables for everyday feeding. Contains organic vegetables to enhance color and improve health. Utilizes collard greens, the highest calcium-containing vegetable, for shell growth and molting success. Kale, the now famous “super food,” provides a ton of nutrition. Other vegetables such as spinach and broccoli provide iron and well-rounded nutrients.

Ingredients: Spinach, collard greens, kale, broccoli, turnip greens, carrot greens, alfalfa, dandelion, vitamin C, lecithin

Protein: 28%

Fat: 8%

Fiber: 3%




Fall Blend

Contains ingredients I only gather in the fall months: pumpkin, carrot, squash. It’s a rare treat for shrimp that they all fight over. Pumpkin is high in vitamin E, and iron. Carrot and squash provide vitamin A and the bell pepper increases color development. Plus shrimp just love it!

Ingredients: pumpkin, carrot, squash, bell pepper, vitamin C, lecithin

Protein: 31%

Fat: 9%

Fiber: 2%






Protein Plus

A high protein food designed as an occasional use. Shrimp get most of the protein they need from vegetable source but I have found a lot of breeding success giving them high doses of protein occasionally. Uses high protein plants and whole fish.

Ingredients: Tilapia, whole shrimp, soy beans, green peas, kelp, vitamin C, lecithin

Protein: 54%

Fat: 11%

Fiber: 1%




Shrimplet Powder:

Similar to Complete Mix, this powdered food is perfect for baby shrimplets. Add sparingly to the water, a little goes a long way!

Ingredients: Spinach, kale, broccoli, radish leaves, kelp, dandelion, spirulina, soy beans



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Are you planning on making any without astaxanthin and carotenes? :notfair:

Great question Soothing! Yes, I am. I know some people stay away from those compounds due to their possible effects on coloration. I have a mix at the extruder right now free of those compounds as far as I can tell. I'll post it up this week.

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Hi Everyone,


Wow! So many people want to try! I am astonished at the support I have received from this community. Thank all of you so much. Unfortunately, I am so flooded with orders that I'm having a hard time bagging everything up. Everyone's orders are going to ship next Monday. I apologize for the delay, but with 25+ orders it's a slow process to make sure everyone gets their orders correctly. Thank you all for understanding!

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Received a paypal refund with this note:

"My wife has been hospitalized the last couple weeks since I offered this food. Right now I just can't get my shipments together. Sorry for wasting your time."

No worries Ryan. Hope your wife gets better and everything works out alright.

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