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Broken pattern Taiwan bee shrimp $5 each


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SOLD OUT! WOW That was fast. If I have more than I thought I will repost next week.  Until then I have many other shrimp for sale in my sponsor listing. THANKSI have some broken pattern pandas and low grade blue bolt Taiwan bee shrimp for sale. These will be healthy shrimp with just faulty patterns or poor color. Order at least 10 and I will be sure to give you a variety of colors including wine red. $5 each. Shipping $15. I also have many more shrimp for sale. You can find the list in the sponsor section. shrimpscales- Stock list


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I'd be interested in being put on a waiting list too for this deal.

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Me Too!  You know how I love the odd looking ones. :)    Btw, I am loving the ones from the last order.  They are growing up beautifully.    Here is a pic of that one you were not sure would be a red bolt and a couple in the backround that you thought might have pinto genes.   He is kind of ...orange.  



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48 minutes ago, Crackhead Johny said:

Jadenlea. what it the white round thing in those pics?

Shrimp baby houses...


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