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Opinions on green neo backgrounds?

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From what I'm able to gather thus far...

Green Jellies is a green strain from the occasional green thrown from oranges.

Jade is a green strain made from a random throw from yellow x blue that appeared after several generations.

I know my Nessies background, so I won't get into that- but is the above what everyone else has gathered as well?

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From what ive been seeing from other people on the internet. Their greens are popping from what looks to be blue velvets. Ive heard of yellows throwing out greens also but no crossing of BxY before.

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I have been wanting to try to create my own strain using some of my carbon rili females with a dark blue body base (kinda like those blue dream rilis?), and yellow striped shrimp, which are next on my list. I always assumed that Green Jades were just F2s and beyond of blue and yellow crosses. Of course I know nothing about shrimp genetics, but I know that it's usually the F2 generation where most animals start expressing multiple recessive genes. At least with reticulated pythons and diamond doves, you get fantastic results once you start stacking multiple recessive and co-dominate genes.

Not to get too off topic, but I also assumed yellow rilis, orange rilis, and carbon rilis were created by crossing red rilis into other colors, right?

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So the more I'm looking into the original lines of jade, the culls seem to be blue.  Perhaps not a cross, but blue type background?  Not sure why the yellow dotted pigment on the shell then?

Some other "Green Jades" are throwing orange culls. 

I think more than one "Green Jade" strain is currently being sold...

What does this mean to the avg hobbyist?  Absolutely nothing.

For the breeder, it may be something to keep in mind.


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