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Painted White Snowball Shrimp

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Really awesome looking shrimp!   If you could get a stable line of neos like that, it would be amazing.



Wonder if once you isolated the opacity thing if you could cross them to get opaque blue (or some other color) like neo blue bolts.

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Never show snowball like this.

i am afraid that bacterial does the job..


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If you look at the swimerettes in the first picture though, those are also white, which leads me to think it may not be bacterial. (?)


Usually bacterial affects the body and turns it paper opaque white, but leaves swimerettes alone.


I have to admit it is confusing to me why there would be white pigment though since snowballs have no pigment.  This leads me back to these could be white pearls or thicker shell...

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any update, friends ?

hope the breeder can continue make something like "bold snowbal" the neo have chance to increase it popularity like tiger shrimp variant :)

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