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Opinions on new shrimp?

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Well, seems my selectively bred Blue Velvets have turned the corner.   Not sure if that's good or bad.  One has previously been able to tell the difference between blue rili strains and blue velvet strains by the babies looking like red rilis for BV, then the red fades away leaving a blue body usually by juvie age, whereas the blue rili is born blue.  Both look almost identical, but have different genetics- even though both came from red rilis originally.  Since they look so much alike, some sellers even sell them as they same. *sigh*


I have been selectively breeding my BV for darker color for...um...3 yrs...4 yrs?  I forget with so many projects going on.  A lot of time, money and space has been spent on these since they were my first project I attempted when I first turned to aquatics.


Anyway, the current generation is so dark that red rili babies are no longer being produced!  :phone:


I know for a fact that I have not added any new blood for 3 or 4 yrs, and they were pure when I bought them imported- so no blue rilis have been introduced and this is a pure BV line!


What should I do?


Should I rename this strain I've improved on?  Kinda like cherry shrimp were renamed sakura, then fire, then painted, then...well, you get the idea.


I mean, I have some this generation almost as dark as my Sapphires!


Do I still call them BV, although the original BV were clear sky blue color?


A couple years ago I came out with the term DBV and that was quickly stolen and counterfeited for people pawning off theirs as mine.  I'd rather not use the term DBV anymore. 


Opinions?  I want to have a uniform color before I release them, but some are crazy dark now! :startle:


I'll try to get a couple pics tomorrow.

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Awesome, first. Where is the pictures????????

Second, I wanna see???????

Third: Name them if they are that different. What's a new name in our already crazy shrimp world. Soothing Velvets?


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Seems the major difference between these and my Sapphires is that the Sapphires occasionally throw pseudo carbon rili pigmentation which I'm trying to eliminate. 


My darker BVs have never displayed that grouping of pigment as spots. Just an even coverage.


Sapphires came from a mutation in another line, and these came from...well...BVs.

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I like the Ocean Blue Velvets. Especially with their color. Fits to me.

The Soothing Blues sound good too.

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