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Mulberry Leaves


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So... few weeks ago I realized I have a small mulberry tree in my back yard, and my mom has 2 huge ones at her house.


What would be the way most people would like to see these to buy them? Fresh or Dried?

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Washed and dried for sure sold in 10 and 20 pack's. I'm really curious about bamboo leave's I'd imagine they eat them in the wild never see anyone using them.

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A friend of mine dries his mulberry and guava leaves, they tend to curl though. Maybe it would be useful to get one of those grilling baskets to keep the leaves flat while they're drying? Cuisinart.jpg

something smaller or bigger maybe? :S 

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I used mulberry leaf.

1. Wash mulberry leaf

2. Boiling water, wait until completely boiled

3. Switch off stove and entering mulberry leaf into boiled water and wait moreless 3 minutes

4. Lift it up and drain a mulberry leaf then soak in cold water moreless 3-5 minutes

5. Now you can give to your lovely shrimp

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So I can just pick a leaf off of the mulberry tree in my back yard, rinse it off, and feed it to my shrimp?


No, boil it for 10 minutes first.

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The Tortondo or something like that Mulberry Leaves that are dried and vacuum sealed in a package, my

shrimp go nuts over. It is without a doubt, their favorite food, big time. Nothing even comes close. They will

clean it to the skeleton within a couple of days, sometimes overnight. They seem to like to eat the Mulberry

leaves at night. I don't see them around it much during the day, but the next day, it is almost gone. So

they are munching at night on them big time. Even the new born fry love the Mulberry leaves, especially after

I leave one in the tank for a couple of days. It seems like the don't touch it at all with the fry, then after

a couple of days, they go after it big time. I boil the leaf for 5 minutes, let cool and put it in the tanks.

But out of all the food I feed the shrimp, even blanched zucchini slices, or shrimp king, or snowflakes, or

powder, or oak leaves, or Indian Almond leaves, or all kinds of different food. The Mulberry leaf is by far their favorite food.

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