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Shrimp/Crayfish/Plant rack in the making


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Here in the next month I plan on getting a rack ;) and filling it full of shrimp and plants. In the link above you will see my basic plans, but I'll kind of go over them here too and in more detail as I get closer and start actually putting it together. Also lots and lots of pictures when I start setting it up!


I plan on using a 36x72x18 steel shelving unit. Room granted I think sitting the top part to the side of the bottom will give me more flexibility in dealing with each tank and makes me feel like the unit would be less likely to fail. I want to set up:


12g Mr. Aqua Trimmless tank. This will be for TB's (Tibee's, I'm hoping that is correct hehe, which I'm not sure yet). I want ADA in here along with a cannister filter with a sponge filter as the intake. Definitely planted. 


20G long will be for CPO. Now I have never kept CPO's but they look awesome and I really want to breed them haha. This will be inert gravel/sand and they will have many hiding spots. Sponge Filter and planted hopefully.


2x 5g tanks. These will be for selective breeding and/or other breed of shrimp that wouldn't do well with TB's parameters like Sulawesi's, which I am growing more fond of everyday. not sure on gravel/filters/planted yet.


On the bottom shelf of each unit I want to set up the plastictub/light/shoebox setup and see if I can't do some emersed plant growing, to hopefully sell later on and grow for my tanks!


I will be limited on space, money and gallons (50% apartment rules, 50% girlfriend rules) so I can't go too crazy. *MTS twitches*, but I suppose that's a good thing. You bet I'll be trying to get as much as I can though haha.


I will keep this updated as I go along of course, but I would love some feedback on my "designs" for it and the inverts I'll be keeping. Do you think crayfish/tb's/sulawesi's will be too much? Should I just stick with one type and go from there? I do want to eventually start selling everything (I don't plan on it anytime soon, but making something back from what I'm about to spend will be nice). Or just any criticism/opinions/feedback on my plans would be wonderful!



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Alright! First update after moving. So I am still stuck on the 12g mr aqua so I will be getting it within the next day or two but for now I set up my rack!




I have the 20L on the left rack now since it will be the heaviest but I plan on moving my plants down to the totes on the bottom. Might do that later tonight or tomorrow. Moving is exhausting. Overall did the sit tests on the rack and seemed fine. I replaced the particleboard with plywood for more sturdiness (except for the bottom left, the cut only gave 4 and I didn't feel like spending money on another full board)

Still have a ways to go but I am definitely liking it so far!!!

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My personal thought is that you have two difficult shrimp on opposite ends of the spectrum.  TB and Sulawesi.  You already have CRS, and if they are doing well and breeding well, then you should have no probs with TB.  If not, consider concentrating on one and then moving to the other.

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I think ill just get some TB's then and if they are doin well I might go sulawesi later. Makes sense to not go too crazy haha.

So I have another update. Got some more work done.


Moved the 20L back over to the left and bought the 12g long (mmmmmm).


Cut out the tops of the tubs I bought (which was a pain in the ass and I only had the patience for one) and the plexiglass fits very nicely


After buying some dollar store/tree Tupperware I drilled some holes into them and added some organic topsoil!


Added plants, water and lighting!! Maybe a bit too much water but now I know for the next one. I like the look of it and here's hoping it works


And here is the most recently updated photo! Also unpictured is the plastic grid sheet I cut myself on to add into the 12g long for my eventual scaping and foamboard I cut to put under the 12g just to be safe. I still need to finish cutting the sheet for my 20long and put my 5g on the middle shelf. So still plenty to do but fun as I go.

Also plants as of now are staurogyne repens, anubias nana petite, marsellia minuta (I think), dwarf baby tears, one erio, and a couple plants I've been given that I don't remember the names haha.

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Looking great! Keep up the good work and ideas flowing, helps to just post information as your going you will end up getting good feedback from everyone!

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I got my 12L from the LFS I work at. We just starting using seven ports as a distributor who has them in stock everynow and then.

As for measurements I'm not 100% sure but I'll find out by the end of the day for you Jayr.

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Alright! So I haven't added much equipment wise however I put together the hard scape of my 20g Long and am in the process of filling with plants. I was thinking dry start but got impatient.


I am not very good at aquascaping but I figure I gotta practice somewhere also first time using a sponge filter so it was fun trying to make it sink haha.


This is showing off my little cave/hanging shelf thing I made with slate and wood pieces


Had this piece of wood in my old 29g and just love how it makes a natural looking cave so I'll have 2 large hiding spots for the Eventual CPO inhabitants.


Closer up on the slate cave. It has two entrances/exits. Up on too through the wood and under the shelf here. Made sure it was stable.

I uses Eco complete (finer) as a base and put the normal ecocomplete as a top. Will definitely add more plants over the next week. Any plants recommendations would be awesome! I plan on staurogyne and more moss


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Also forgot I mention is that I am going to add a black background as I'm sure that will make the tank look better. I want to try either self stick vinyl or fabric with stick strips.

I'm also ashamed I didn't take pictures step by step as to what I did but once I got started I didn't want to stop haha


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  • 3 weeks later...

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! Finally got the hardscapes up on my 12g long and a new 5g my coworker so graciously gave me :)

My first attempts at a slanted aquascaped look. Not amazing but I like it. I used the amazonia powdered type in both tanks. First time using ada so this will be exciting. My ph in my 5g is already below my API test after a day and the ammonia is a lovely green.


12g full shot


12g left side


12g right side


5g filled


Side by side shot of my two 5g tanks.

The wood is grapevine I believe. I pre soaked them until they sank but I had to use the bucket for rocks and I think they dried out too much as the vine in the 5g is half floating now haha. It should be fine in a day or so and I'll replace it like in the photo. I will be adding plants during the week and lots of stability and water changes. SO EXCITED that they are at least hardscaped and will start to cycle this week.



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  • 3 months later...

Been awhile since I've had an update!!! Will post more pictures when I have access to my computer. 12g long has shrimp now, so I'm super excited for that, with more on the way. Plants are going well and the only downside I have so far is the evaporation is higher than I'd like but oh well.

The 5g is growing riccia like crazy and no other plant is dying but just slow growing. A few Oebt in there and Amano shrimp but quite shrimp empty at the moment.

I consolidated my two emersed set ups beneath into one for the time being as I had to replenish the soil as I'm pretty sure I had no nitrogen and have yet to buy some osmocote tabs.

12g full


12g left side


12g middle


12g right side


5g a month ago


Will have another update tomorrow (later today I guess) with more up to date pictures. The cycling process sucked but glad at what it is now and starting the breeding wait!!


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Han: emersed is growin very well! I've had several plants do horrible so I have that knowledge haha, but most do well. Will get a pic/vid of what I have at the moment.

Aquariumlover10: will see if I can't get a vid later today when I'm done Christmas shopping.


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12g Long looks fantastic! I really like what you've done. Look forward to more updates. How do you like the rack? I was eyeing the same one but didn't like how the bottom of the legs jut out.

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