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Thank you to our members!

Soothing Shrimp

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Most of you know that I honestly believe secrets in shrimping will kill the hobby in America if left to continue. 


For example, it was once that way with reptile breeding, and as soon as people became open with knowledge gained- the reptile business exploded with more people than ever entering the hobby!


So Kudos to the members here for sharing so freely in what has been learned from breeders and personal experience!


Also THANK YOU for welcoming members both advanced and new into this shrimping hobby of ours!


We've done a great job in making sure everyone feels welcome here, and I'm sure we'll continue to make friendliness and openness our top priorities here!


If there's ever any spam or a flame war in the making, just remember that two words to the left of the "multiquote" tab under the post is the word "report."  Click on that, write your concerns, and the mods will figure things out ASAP.  ;)


We're all in this together folks!  We're all one community!  Kudos to YOU for making this forum a success! :thumbsu:

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Thanks are in order for everyone. I've learned more here and shared more here than anywhere else.

Bahahahaha thanks Han for being the biggest enabler ever.

And will for an awesome place for us to escape the world.

Bryce for being my best friend forever....my hongsloi remember lol.

Derek for buying all my moss lmfao

And everyone else for being amazing and sharing your breeding tea unique etc

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