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Hey everyone,


Here is our updated stock list (with the new tigers species) so please check it out and if anyone have any questions or want to see some pictures feel free to send me a personal message!!! We also do wholesale for shrimps and products  so if anyone is interested please PM me for more information and requirements. 


Thank you,


Blue Crown





- Painted Fire Red- ($5)
- Fire Red- ($4)
- Sakura Fire Red- ($3)
- Orange Shrimp - ($4) **Out of Stock**
- Bloody Mary (S Grade)-($8) 
- Bloody Mary (A Grade)- ($6) 
- Blue Dreams (S Grade)-($8) **Out of Stock**
- Blue Dreams (A-S Grade)- ($6) **Out of Stock**
- Blue Rili (A-S Grade)- ($4) **Out of Stock** 
- Orange Rili ($6) **Out of Stock**
- Red Rili- ($3) ** Out of Stock**
- Golden Back Yellows-($4)
- Snowball- ($4)


Crystal Shrimp:

- MK breed PRL (A Grade)-($25) **Pre-order**
- Mk breed PRL (S grade)- ($40) **Pre-Order**
- CRS (A-S grade)- ($4.50)
- CBS (A-S Grade)- ($4.50)

**For specific patterns please send us a message**



- Tiger Shrimp- ($2.50)
- Super Tiger- ($4) **Out of Stock**
- Galaxy Tiger- ($10)
- Aura Blue Tiger - ($17) 
- OEBT- ($15) **SOLD OUT**
- Royal Blues Tiger-($35) **SOLD OUT**
- Tangerine Tigers-($5) 



- Super Princess Bee- ($15) ** Pre-Order**
- Super hornets Bee-($10) **Out of Stock**


Taiwan Bee:

- Red Panda- ($20)
- Blue Bolts - ($16)
- Deep Blue Bolts- ($32) ** Sold Out**
- Pink Bolt (A grade)- ($15)
- Pink Bolts (S Grade)- ($20) **Sold out**
- Blue Panda (Low Grade)- ($18)
- Blue Panda- ($24)
- Black Panda- ($15)
- Black King Kong- ($17)
- Extreme Black King Kong- ($32) 
- Black Pinto Mischling- $30
- Red Pinto Mischlings- $60

Special Orders: Available for Pre-Order/Send me a message ***

- Fancy Tiger Red **Currently available, 5 per person max**
- Yellow King Kong
- Blue Body Flowerhead/Mosura KK **Currently Available**
- Light Blue Boldy Flowerhead/Mosura KK ** Currently Available**
- White Body Flowerhead/Mosura KK **Currently Available**
- White Back Pintos ** Currently Available, Limited**
- Red Pinto **Sold Out**
- Zebra Pintos **Currently Available, Limited**
- Super Snow White


Other Shrimps:

Amano- ($2.50)
Short Nose shrimp- ($2.25)


Shrimp Products:

Mk Breed Red Diamond- $22
MK Breed Black Diamond- $22
Mk Breed Blue Diamond - $18
Mk Breed Blood Diamond- $20
Mk Breed Golden Powder- $22
Mk Breed Z-Silver Powder- $22
Mk Breed Life Balls- $22
Mk Breed Cheeseburger- $22
Mk Breed Baby Food- $22
Mk Breed White Crystal-$18

Shipping/DOA policy:
Shipping we have two options. Priority shipping (2-4 days) is $12 while Priority Express shipping (1-2 days) is $35. Large orders will need a price quote. Priority Express shipping comes with our DOA-Free Guarantee in which we offer a refund on the dead shrimp(s) or store credit. Any DOA claims can be easily accomplished by taking a clear digital picture of the dead shrimp (within 1 hour and 30 minutes of delivery confirmation) while the shrimps remain in the untampered Kordon bag. Our DOA-Free Guarantee will be void if customer, by their own accord, is unable to receive the package on the first delivery attempt or other problems concerning outside operations (i.e. weather, USPS service, etc.). We also welcome local pickups as well.
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