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I tend to have a lot going on when it comes to shrimp, fish, and other aquadic ventures. I'd like to share my story from my struggles to my achievements. I've always had pets growing up of those included many fish tanks, but this is a shrimp forum so that's where I'm going to start. It all starred with just a ten gallon red cherry shrimp tank. I started with ten red cherrys I got from a lps. At first I was really happy but the more my shrimp grew up the less color they had and I was just not pleased, the clear ones I fed to my oscars because I swore they were ghost shrimp at the time. Needless to say I spent some more money and got 20 high grade red cherrys and that's when the madness Started. My tank quickly turned into a mad house of over populated red cherrys of all grades this drove me nuts.

so I went got me two more tanks and started culling shrimp into different grades. Eventually I ended up with one high grade tank and one low grade tank and threw the low grade tank into my lilly pond out back. I now have two red cherry only tanks. A 10 gallon and a 55 gallon. I have 46 fish tanks that's just two I'll do a new segment every few days giving room for questions and suggestions if you know something I have and would like to see it let me know because I might be saving that for last. Also please I'd like to hear all suggestions and criticism please.




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They are scattered all across my house I have a room that's in the works right now I'll post pictures once some progress can be seen. I will post some pictures of my racks if you haven't seen them somewhere else already in the diy section.

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The next tank I'd like to share is my red rilli tank. I made these rillis my self crossing some of my cherrys and blue velvets. These are by far my hardest and most productive shrimp. They reproduce like crazy I always have babies running around everywhere and my 4 main females from my first clutch are always berried I've never seen one of them with out eggs. They eat more then my cherrys do as well.

Eventually I was able to pull enough blue culls out to start up my own blue velvet tank. I had only gotten a few blue velvets but never enough to have them into their own tank till the rilli started giving me all blues. I try to make note of the amount of all red and all blues I get from ever clutch, it's about two blue, one red, and I get another blue with a red head and a red with blotchy paterns, the rest are nice rilli paterns about 20 of them.





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Yes I built all of my tank stands and racks. My son broke the front door to the bttom right tank and I've done a lot of aquascaping these pictures are old I'll take new ones when I fix my son's damage

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Next I would like to change it up here is one of my poison dart frog set ups these guys are Phyllobates bicolor 'Green Leg'.

quick little back ground info, in captivity they are not poisonous but in the wild they eat ants that eat poisonous plants do through the food chain is the only reason they will have poison. I think these guys are the shrimp of reptiles, they love drift wood, moss, and leaf litter. They are super easy to take care of, I have isopods and spring tails in the tank to eat the poop and waste from the frogs the bugs break it down faster so the plants can eat the waste. I feed evert other day and water 3 times a day with a spray bottle and ro water. Here is my breeding tank. should I do a fish tank, shrimp tank, or a pond next? Or maybe you'd like to see more frogs?





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Ok so then a pond it is. Here is a pond in my smaller green house with one of my chameleon cages as well. oh ya I have two green houses also. I have mainly koi in this pond but I also threw my large prawns into the pond as well. There is a two foot pleco in there too. I built the green house 12 ft by 20 ft and the chameleon cage is 6 ft by 6 ft by 6 ft and I also built the pond and all.







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Next I'd like to share on of my projects in progress. These are my pea puffer fish. I have 4 of them in this tank along with all my red rilli culls. I can't find much about these guys other the they like a lot of plants, this tank is only a few weeks old when it grows out they should be in paradse, what I read these sre fully freshwater puffer fish. If anyone knows anything on these guys I'm all ears. Also put some mini p on some cholla for my red rilli tank right next to the puffers.






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If you can't tell I try and incorporate shrimp into everyone of my tanKS however we all know that this is just not possible in every tank. Now I Did start off with a few Red cherrys in their tank how ever when they grew up I had to separate them from my newts and other fish because I found out they can eat prity large foods. these are my lesser syrens they will get a bout 2 ft in length and they are both about a year old. If you look at all my set ups they are all there with the intention to breed, I don't know why but breeding animals and watching something grow up that you were apart of is one of the most amazing things and I'm happy to say I've got quite a few species under my belt but I have a lot more on my bucket list. So when ever I get into something I always got to buy at least 4 to try and get a nice breeding pair. Well one day my syren tank got a little algee so I threw in a pleco and one morning I woke up to the pleco on both of my male syrens, lesson learned something I never read on the Internet, now I don't keep plecos with any of my amphibians for that reason. So I have two very nice females right now. They are native to Florida and I work a farm where I have seen them before in her pond and I try every time to find one with no luck yet but hopefully one day I can get these guys to breed but kinds hard with two females. If anyone knows someone who has a male I'd love to purchase it. I'm almost done catching all my beta fry out of one of my tanks and then im finishing my 20g rank and I'll post pics when I'm done.



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Well not on both at the same time but I saw the pleco on one and he was freaking out so I scared the pleco off him and when I did I noticed a spot on him where his flesh had been well sucked off as well as the other male had the same mark, I removed the pleco and the two sirens died with in that week

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