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Blue tibees

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Gorgeous Shrimp! Love the first Tibee, looks like a crystal ball almost with a smokey effect.

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OH yes, those are Royal blues, I have those too...I thought you meant the striped Tibee.  As far as I know no-one has them here yet. 


Im hoping it was my RBT that got my Crystal White Bee female, as that would give me a good start to my program.  I believe that Michal Nadal used both that cross for that 1st pic and Im sure that an OEBT x CWB was used for the second type..

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Don't have too many pics atm here is one. Their blue changes a lot depending on light but they are beautiful


Also my previous post was poorly written, when I said bought some I meant royal blues not tibees. My hopes are to have blue tibees

Besides lava stone what substrate are you using here ?

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