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POTM, picture of the month

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I'm in! {12th man fan}

I've been in POTM contests and have seen the judges give out gift certs, fish, shrimp & plants trips (yes, collecting trips) etc. sounds great & keeps everyone coming back for more!

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1. Each month we will start a new thread for submissions.

 2. When the voting time starts, a new voting thread will be created and each member can reply with a vote for the best picture. At the end of voting, we will count the votes and announce the winner.

 3. Be sure the photograph relates to the aquarium hobby and add a caption if you want.

 4. Please submit only one photograph. It will make the voting easier. By submitting the photograph, you warrant that it is your original and not copyrighted.
 Please note: Posting collages qualifies as posting multiple photos and will not be allowed.

 5. Have fun.

6. Photo must be of aquatic creatures. i.e. photo of a dog watching an aquarium or fish will not be accepted.

 7. Submission thread will run through the 15th of the month.

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Yes I think you covered all the bases, except for photo size and subject of the photo as you suggested (one for fish & one for shrimp)

Let the fun begin!

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Love this idea, definitely willing to donate plants or some shrimp as prize. I've got plenty of frogbit and a few berried oranges. And I had 3 female blue Rilis molt last night, hopefully berried tomorrow!

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