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Scutariella :-(

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Well, it was bound to happen some time or other.  After ordering some yellow shrimp from an importer, it took about a week for me to see they have scutariella.


...and of course dumb me didn't quarantine them first...


I have babies running around the tank, and previous sunshine project shrimp in there, but to take out and treat only the ones I see is just asking for trouble.  I'm going to guess this has infected my entire tank.


On the flipside, I'm going to try a new treatment I've read about, but never seen anyone here do. 


I just bought this:




It contains Praziquantel which should be harmless to inverts, but do the job on the rostrum worms.


It should be in next week, and I'll keep everyone informed of this "new" treatment and what happens to my tank if interested...

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svet, if it works, at least we all may have another med in our arsenal.  If it doesn't, or has bad results, we all know not to use it.


Dlux, if it was only one, I may have done the salt dip.  It's pretty darn effective.  However when I saw more than one, I figured I'd better do the tank for better or for worse.

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Really sorry to hear this :( I've had similar experience in the past with imported shrimp, I think its becoming quite common and now I quarantine all shrimp, even those from hobby breeders.


I wish you lots of good luck in remedying this problem. And since its becoming so common a sure fire cure would be really nice to find for people who have to deal with this.

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Sorry to hear Bryce! Hope all turns out well, let us know how the medication/treatment works.

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I haven't dosed it yet because of my daughter's practice/meet schedule.  Supposedly I would dose it and then change 80% water 6 hrs later.


However, I may not have to.  I looked in the tank today, and didn't see any with it.  It may have been the worms can't take clean water...

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for those of us (like myself) that doesn't know what this is, here is a picture article I found on it.



Other then the daily learning experience from everyone, these websites provided by everyone makes it easier for for me as a newbie to shrimp to learn more about this side of the aquarium hobby.  Thanks Guys and Gals

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Same here... :)

Bought some topaz blue and have those worms.

I leave it for now and after the shrimps raise i ll see what i can do.

As i read those worm its only on the exoskeleton it not hurt the shrimps.

For now i remove the molts.



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