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Face Behind The Name Of The Poster?


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Vpier!  Nice fish!  I'd kill to have smallie fishing like that in my backyard.  Good to hear you are slayin' em'

5-7lbs largemouth, 25+lb pike and 16 inch+ crappies, This one is a dime a dozen crappies, Can catch over 100 in three hours.

post-2614-0-72252100-1457597239_thumb.jp Dime a dozen crappie


post-2614-0-71201700-1457596836_thumb.jp Bro-In-Law Same dock different day, different smallie

post-2614-0-24286900-1457597074_thumb.jp View from every window on that side of house.


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Maybe this has been done before but aren't you curious what we look like? Who we are? I am, so I will start, I'm vpier and this is who I am.,

attachicon.gifmy backyard.jpegMy Backyard


attachicon.gifpike canada.jpeg Canada


attachicon.giftwo girls.jpeg Girls backyard . My girls a few years back,No need for swimming pool or ice rink

Very nice backyard! Beautiful.

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Very nice backyard! Beautiful.

I tell people I have a 14,000+ acre pool,fishing,wake surfing,wake boarding backyard, over 115 miles of shoreline. I live on the west end and can boat almost 20 miles to the Dairy Queen on the east end

 post-2614-0-62284000-1457652684_thumb.jp This is how big my backyard is. All the lakes are connected.

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:stuff: That's awesome Vpier, I dream of having water like that near me.........

This why I left Colorado, only 438 people in the town of live in but we are like the Aspen of Minneapolis/St.Paul, many million dollar plus second homes on the Whitefish chain of lakes I live in,

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