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BB or something else?

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I bought this as a low quality BB.  You can't see the blue much in this photo, but it has subtle blue around the head.


However it's unlike any BB I've seen.  It has a black splotch on both sides.  Is this a var of BB,or a different var?



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I'm interested in this topic as well.......glad you brought it up, Soothing.


I was somehow under the impression that steel referred more to the strong coloration with the "sparkly bits" (yes that's the scientific name) on the head or head/body.  


I would love to know exactly what defines a "steel".


Hooded, spotted head, galaxy, cloud, zebra, belly, steel..............someone drop some knowledge on me.

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Thanks for the extra pics! Still hard to tell but certainly resembles a Steel Blue, you bought as BB or Tibee/TaiTibee?

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LOL Still not very good at them yet, but learning...

You'll do fine same as neos just a little better water quality. Take a little longer to reach breeding age. Not much different if your tuned to what they need.
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