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Greetings from Toronto!


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Hello everybody, greetings from Toronto!


I've been lurking in the forums for a few months now, soaking up as much knowledge and ideas as possible to start my shrimp keeping adventures! My brother-in-law got me hooked into it with his RCS and then CRS tanks. Being a science teacher, all the chemistry and biology involved has really peaked my interests in the possibilities of this hobby. In solidarity, we both started cycling new tanks in January, and have since added TB shrimps into these tanks. I also have pinto mischlings in mine as well. My tank was off to a shaky start with a few unexplained deaths (as mentioned in my Shrimp PTSD post), but things seem to have calmed down now (knock on cholla wood).


Moving forward, my hopes are to learn and share on this forum about the hobby when possible. I am dabbling with macro photography, so I hope to start a journal post and keep things updated there too. Thanks in advance for being such an amazing community to learn from!


Kurobom (Steven)

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