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Mayphly's Pinto Journal


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This is where I'll be keeping track of my newest project in hopes of creating some new and exciting pinto shrimp. I'm sure other cool looking shrimp will come out of this project and I'd like to share with you in this shrimping journey! :)


Tank set up


Soil - Amazonia

Water- Re-mineralized RO

Light - 7g Led low light (beamswork) 20g archaea compact 36W

Filter - double sponge and oversized aqua clear hob

Low light plants and moss.

No co2 or ferts.


My original 11 TB showed up back on March 3, 2014. They were 1x panda, 3 x shadow panda, 2x med/high grade bb and 5 low grad bb.

As of today I have all mentioned above along with ruby red, wine red, red bolt, and bkk. I started selectively breeding female mosura mischlings with random male tb resulting in some mosura shadows.

My TB parameters are



TDS- 155

GH- 5

KH- 0


 Today I am starting to move some of my tb in to a 20L. The 20L has almost identical parameters as the 7g.



I received my tibee on Oct. 29, 2014.

Today I will be moving some selected tibee into my 7g cube Taiwan bee tank in hopes of creating some pintos. The tibee are still to young to breed. Once they grow a bit more I will move them in to a breeder box with selected tb.

The tibee I’m using come from Jaime who has been selectively breeding tibees for some time now.

The two types of tibees I’m using are pseudo tibees (TT x C grade crs) which are 4th or 5th generation. These can range from orange with red stripes to orange with black stripes and a couple of other oddballs.

 The other ones are are from the (super tiger x bumblebee) also 4th or 5th generation. This cross is mostly white right now. The mother had a blue-ish green tint on its head. It will be interesting to see how these look grown up.


The parameters for the tibee tank are

 PH 6.5

GH 5

KH 0,

TDS 140

Temp 72


Here's a link to my gallery

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I added 5 tibee to the TB tank this evening. Here's a couple of the tibee hanging out with their new tank mates during feeding time. Tonight I fed them a small piece of Omnia Pro which they swarmed on.


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Your project is fascinating. I will definitely be following along. What kind of camera are you using if you don't mind me asking? =)



I'm using a Nikon D80 with a Tamron 90mm F/2.8 macro lens.

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did you breed the tibee yourself?

The tibee I’m using come from Jaime who has been selectively breeding tibees for some time now.

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I'm still going ahead with my own pinto project, However, I couldn't resist the opportunity of purchasing these guys from Blue Crown during their sale. I have four of them coming next week. This was my birthday present to myself. Besides, you only live once!! :P



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Hahaha. Can't wait to see the new Pintos!! Happy Birthday by the way.

Yeah happy birthday Andy! And here you are sending me presents! Thanks again the shrimp are awesome. Can't wait to see your new pintos. Maybe someday if things go well I might be asking you for some.

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While I was drip acclimating the new guys a shrimp thought he would check out what goodies he could find inside the drip tube.post-89-141891453977_thumb.jpg

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Lost one pinto today. :( Totally bumbed!!

Good news is the other 3 are doing fine. It took me almost 4 hours to acclimate them yesterday. I think all the travelling they did was probably too much for that one. IDK.

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