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Blue Crown Christmas Germany Shipment Pre-Order!!

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Blue Crown Aquatic Trade
Christmas Germany Shipment Pre-Order:

Hi Guys/Girls, for the month of December we decided to try and bring in an order from Germany. Please check out the list below to see the shrimps that are available!! Happy Holidays.


End Date: Dec. 16th. 2015
Shipping Date: Jan. 4th. 2015


To place order please private message either me with your order, shipping option, and Paypal email. For pictures please comment below and say which one you guys want to see!


Shrimps Available:

Green babualti – $8 (Min: 10 pcs)

Super Princess Bee - $12 (Min: 5 pcs) 

Galaxy Tiger - $9.00 (Min: 5 pcs) (S0ld Out)

Red tiger normal eye - $9.00 (Min: 5 pcs)

Super Red crystal low/med unsorted - $30

Super Black crystal low/med unsorted - $25

Aura Blue Tiger - $40.00

Black Tiger o-eye - $25.00

Blue Tiger o-eye - $17.00 

Red pinto unsorted - $60.00

Black pinto unsorted - $30.00

Red Taiwan bee mosura - $30.00 
Skunk pinto Black 67.35 
Nanashi bee Red - $115.00
Nanashi bee Black - $85.00
Skunk/ pinto hybrids - $50
Steel Red - $110.00
Steel blue - $68.00 
Golden dragon $200.00
Safari Line Lower Grade (Only 10)-$120


Shipping/DOA Policy:
For shipping we have two options. Priority Mail (2-4 days) is $12 or Express (1-2 days) is $35. Orders with more than 3 species or will need a quoted shipping price. Both Priority and Express shipping comes with our DOA - Free Guarantee in which we offer refund or store credit on the dead shrimp(s). Any DOA claim can be easily accomplished by taking a clear digital picture of the dead shrimp(s) (within 1 hours of delivery confirmation) while the shrimps remain in the un-tampered breather bag. Our DOA - Free Guarantee will be voided if customer, by their own accord, is un-able toreceive the package on first delivery attempt or other problems concerning outside operation (i.e. weather, USPS service, etc.).

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Haha just trying to bring in some quality stuff for the holiday!

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Pictures of the aura blue sent to me.




Golden Dragon


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GOlden Dragon's parameter is like any other Bee shrimp, if anyone kept TBs before than these should be no problem.

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Steel BlueSTeel%20blue%201_zpsjatqv7q0.jpg


Black Pinto Unsorted



Skunk Pinto Hybrid


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Oi Mami that German spotted pinto is the only one in that unsorted pinto picture, will there be more in there or is it just one lucky shrimp? Also will the skunk hybrids have the skunk on their head?


It's a random group so there might be more of those or only one and the skunk hybrid have the genetics for skunk trait but can't guarantee they will already have the marking.

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Oh I might just have to place an order, are you guys going to do any other Taiwan bees from Germany like blue bolts?


Hey Jay, the only ones we see that is something special is the Red wine Mosura.



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Also I'm suprise no one ask about the Red Nanashi!!



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So for the Steele reds its $110.00 per shrimp? I could pay 2/3rds of a power bill instead!

If your all willing to pay these richman prices he'll put your wallet out-a-business!! Totally insain...

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